March 21, 2006


Posted in mobilidade at 10:12 pm by Ana

No passado dia 23 de Fevereiro enviei um mail para o ViaMichelin que dizia o seguinte:


I’ve been using your website for routes and maps for a while now, although only in a “car-user” perspective. Lately, i have begun to use my bicycle for some of my everyday trips (for environmental, social, health and well-being reasons) and i continued to rely on your web service. I have a suggestion for a kind of “add-on” to your route planner service. Along with the choice of “avoiding tolls”, for example, it would be really useful to have something like “avoiding (right now you have only the option of “preferring”) motorways”. This way someone commuting by bicycle could have a route chosen to be “the shortest” (since you’ll be pedalling!) and using roads that are not blocked to cyclists (or pedestrians).

I think this should be something pretty simple to implement, since there’s no need to gather any more information than that you already have. It would be just a matter of software programming, i guess.

On another level, of course, you could create a service like the one you have now thought for cars, but meant for bicycles. It would have information on “bicycle-only paths”, difficulty of the route (based on inclination of the roads), maybe even consider the possible interfaces with the public transportation-systems (like which trains or boats or buses allow for the transportation of bicycles), and so on. This would mean money and work investment, but it would be a step further and a breakthrough service.

I look forward to reading your views on my suggestion (the first one, at least).

Thank you so much for your time.


Ana (…) »

Há dias o Frederico F. fez um post no Fórum da Massa Crítica em que referia o ViaMichelin para mapas e dizia que tinham a opção “bicicleta”. Fui ver e encontrei isto:


Terá sido coincidência? 😉 É que eles nunca me responderam, limitaram-se a enviar-me uma mensagem alguns dias depois, a confirmar que tinham recebido a minha sugestão e que esta seria encaminhada, parecia uma daquelas mensagens automáticas… Gosto de pensar que contribuí, pelo menos, para terem disponibilizado esta opção! Call me a dreamer! 😛


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